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Dr Cheng Shin Chuen - Vascular Surgeon SingaporeDr Cheng Shin Chuen

Dr Cheng Shin Chuen is a renowned endovascular and vein doctor in Singapore and has provided quality treatments in his years of practice. He has delivered medical services to many patients suffering from veins and endovascular problems throughout his career.

As a recognized vein doctor, Dr Cheng Shin Chuen has received several awards including Service Excellence from Tan Tock Seng and the NTU-NHG Seed Innovation Grant, a testament not only to his experience as a physician but also to his dedication to his profession. His professional achievements include being appointed as Chief Surgeon for the Naval Support Hospital 1, Head of Vascular and Endovascular Services and Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Apart from this, he has been invited to speak and present at several conventions and conferences in his field. His knowledge of vein treatments sets him apart as a trusted doctor who is committed to helping his clients.

Consultant Surgeon
MBBS (Hons) (UNSW), MMed (Surg),
FRCS Edin (Gen Surg)
Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Professional Experience
Basic Trainee in Surgery 2001 to 2003 Singapore
Advanced Specialty Trainee in General Surgery 2003 to 2006 Singapore
Senior Clinical Fellow in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Consultant Surgeon, Alexandra Hospital, Singapore 2008-2010
Consultant Surgeon, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore 2010-Feb 2012
Consultant Surgeon, Private Practice from February 2012

Best Trainee, Underwater Medicine Course, Republic of Singapore Navy, 2000
Silver Award in Service Excellence 2006 Tan Tock Seng Hospital, National Healthcare Group
Fellow, Health Manpower Development Program, Ministry of Health, Singapore 2006
Finalist, Best of Young Interventionalist Competition, SingLive Endovascular Conference Singapore 2009
NTU-NHG Seed Innovation Grant Award November 2011

Professional Memberships
Committee Member, National Diabetic Foot Multidisciplinary Committee 2010 to February 2012
Member, American College of Phlebology

Appointments Academic and Clinical
Clinical Director, Pacific Vein and Endovascular Center, Singapore February 2012-present
Visiting Consultant, Vascular Surgery, Changi General Hospital, Singapore 2011-present
Regional Proctor (SEA) Medtronic Endovascular 2011-Present
Chief Surgeon, Naval Support Hospital 1, Republic of Singapore Navy, from April 2012
Head, Vascular and Endovascular Services, Department of General Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore 2011-Feb 2012
Head, Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore 2011- Feb 2012
Clinical Lecturer, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore 2008 to 2010
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore Nov 2010- Feb 2012
Assistant Renal Transplant Surgeon, National Renal Transplant Roster, Singapore 2003- present
Associate Program Director, NHG-AHPL General Surgery Residency Program 2011-Feb 2012

Post Graduate Fellowships
Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery Fellow, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Faculty, Medtronic Peripheral Intervention Course
Faculty, Medtronic Basic EVAR planning course
Faculty, Medtronic Intermediate EVAR planning course
Faculty, Definitive Surgical Care in Trauma Course, Singapore
Instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course, Singapore
Instructor, Advanced Trauma Life Support Course, Singapore

Invited Speeches/Presentations/Demonstrations
Speaker, “Advances in Limb Salvage in Diabetic Foot” National Diabetes Convention Singapore 2006
Live demonstrator of debranched TEVAR deployment, Medtronic TEVAR Course, November 2008
Presenter of 2 cases, Complex and difficult Cases showcase(English), TOPIC 2010 (Tokyo Percutaneous Cardiovascular Intervention Conference);
“C02 Angiography in patient with chronic renal failure and acute limb ischaemia”,
“Covered stent graft salvage of BB AVF false aneurysm”
Poster Presentation “Integrity of Plantar Arch and effects on Limb Salvage” ASVS Kyoto 2010
Poster Presentation “Use of Bare Metal Stents in salvage setting in Below Knee Vascular Disease” ASVS Kyoto 2010
Poster Presentation “Emergency Dialysis Fistula Salvage” Seoul ENCORE (Endovascular Coronary and Peripheral Intervention conference) 2010
Poster Presentation “Endovascular Procedures under Austere Environments” Seoul ENCORE 2010
Oral Presentation, “Endovascular salvage of Blunt Popliteal Artery Injury”, JET (Japan Endovascular Therapy) 2010 (accepted presentation)
Speaker, 2011 Asian Society for Vascular Surgery (ASVS) Taipei Conference pre-congress Medtronic symposium, “Chimney Technique in complex TEVAR,EVAR”
Speaker, 2011 ASVS Taipei Conference Medtronic Lunchtime Symposium,” Drug-Eluting Balloon use in Asian Below Knee Disease”
Speaker, 2012 AsiaPCR Dinner Symposium “Role of Drug Eluting Balloons in Below Knee Arterial Disease”
Oral Presentation “Endovascular Salvage of Blunt Popliteal Artery Trauma”, Tokyo,Tough and Excellent Cases Discussion TOPIC 2012
Oral Presentation “EVAR in a hostile U-turn Neck”, Tokyo, Tough and Excellent Cases Discussion TOPIC 2012

Publication in the Media
“Endobronchial Mass in a Patient with Burkholderia pseudomallei Infection” 2nd Author Ann Acad Med Singapore 2000;29:108-9
“Hybrid Surgical Management of a Saccular Aneurysm of the Internal Jugular Vein”
Chua WL, Xu G, Cheng SC Accepted for publication, Singapore Medical Journal 16 June 2011

Current Interest
Hybrid Endovascular Interventions
‘Chimney’ debranching technique in EVAR and TEVAR
Emergency/Ruptured AAA EVAR Program, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Single Access laparoscopic Surgery
Drug Eluting Balloon use in below knee peripheral vascular disease
Below Ankle Endovascular Interventions in peripheral vascular disease
Endovenous Interventions (Radiofrequency Ablation and Laser)
Comparative study of Endovascular Mechanical Thrombectomy Devices
RFA Renal denervation (Ardian system) for hypertension treatment
Endovenous therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

A vein specialist is also often referred to as a Vascular Surgeon.

It is highly recommended to consult a vein doctor when you start experiencing cramps and discomfort from varicose veins. Do also pay attention to whether your skin darkens around your calves.

A Vascular Surgeon specialises in veins. Vascular Surgeons are highly trained in treating diseases related to the vascular and circulatory system.

Vein doctors in vein clinics can help diagnose, treat and manage various vein diseases, restoring the health of your veins.

Once veins have been removed, the remaining veins take over the work.

Walking does not improve the varicose vein condition. Walking without medical grade compression stockings or untreated varicose veins may lead to cramps and discomfort in your calves.