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Treatment Deep Dive Sclerotherapy

Treatment Deep Dive: Sclerotherapy

Aug 22, 2022 by Cheng SC Vein and Endovascular

Suffering from varicose veins and/or spider veins? You probably have heard of sclerotherapy, a treatment method used to treat issues in the veins.

What is Sclerotherapy and What Can it Treat?

Sclerotherapy is a nonsurgical procedure used to treat vascular diseases, primarily varicose and spider veins in the legs. It utilises a fine and thin needle to inject a solution directly into the affected vein, causing the blood vessel lining to irritate and swell. This swelling prevents blood from flowing through the impacted vein and forces blood to flow through other healthy veins. The expanded vein then collapses and forms scar tissue, which is absorbed into the surrounding tissue and eventually fades.

Sclerotherapy is a great form of treatment for varicose and/or spider veins as it requires zero anaesthesia and generally produces quick and good results for the majority of patients (depending on their condition). No admission is required and patients may head home to rest after the procedure.

However, with every medical procedure comes its risks. Side effects caused by sclerotherapy may include:

  • Large veins injected with the solution may become lumpy or hard for a few months
  • Redness, bruising, brown lines or spots on your skin
  • Appearance of tiny blood vessels around the treated area
  • Allergic reactions to the injected solution, such as itching or swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Sudden swelling
  • Formation of small ulcers

Besides treating varicose veins, sclerotherapy may also be used to treat other health issues such as:

  • Haemorrhoids: Swollen veins that form around the lowest part of one’s rectum or anus
  • Hydroceles: Collection of fluid that results in swelling in the scrotum

But, if you fall into the below categories, sclerotherapy is not a suitable treatment method for you:

  • Those with an active deep vein thrombosis or superficial vein thrombosis condition
  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those who are breastfeeding

Do visit a vein clinic to consult a vascular doctor on your suitability for sclerotherapy should you suffer from vascular diseases.

Sclerotherapy Process

Prior to the procedure, your doctor will perform a physical examination and gather your medical history to determine your eligibility for sclerotherapy. They will also evaluate any underlying vascular disease, existing health conditions, allergies, and any previous treatment as well as its results for vascular diseases.

During the procedure, you will be asked to lay on your back or on your stomach (depending on the area of treatment) with your legs elevated slightly. Your doctor will then insert a fine needle into the affected vein to inject a solution. For smaller veins, you may feel a slight discomfort such as stinging, and for larger veins, you may experience cramps in the area. If the pain is unbearable, do inform your doctor.

Once the procedure is complete and the needle is withdrawn, your doctor will apply compression to prevent blood from entering the injected vessel, and to disperse the solution.

To promote recovery and prevent more varicose and/or spider veins from forming, your doctor may advise you to wear compression stockings or avoid sun exposure for a period of time. Recovery will take between three weeks and four months depending on your condition.

Sclerotherapy is a minor procedure that has helped many patients, with results based on the severity of the ailment. If you have varicose or spider veins, visit a vein clinic and speak with a vascular doctor to explore your treatment options.

Cheng SC Veins and Endovascular Clinic is a vein clinic in Singapore run by a team of medical experts, providing various vascular treatments to help manage or treat your conditions. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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